The infinite mix exhibition review

The infinite mix exhibition was comprised of 10 audiovisual artworks by 10 leading international artists. Each piece played closely with video and sound and in this essay, I talk about two pieces which I found especially interesting.

First when you walk in, is Martin Creed’s work No. 1701 from 2013. It is a short movie shot entirely on a crossing in new York. With the camera on a dolly, it tracks people one at a time as they make there way across the road. Each of the people had a unique walk often suffering from an ailment. Without the jubilant rock song playing in the background it could have been almost pitiful. Instead, I felt captivated by the struggles that some endured. It was a chance to examine the unique walks of those that politeness might not normally allow us to do. I believe it is the elated music in the background which changed the tone of the piece from that of pity to that of stoicism.

The next piece which intrigued me was m.A.A.d 2014 by Kahlil Joseph. Like many of the pieces, it crossed somewhere in between a documentary and a music video. In part, it felt like a contemporary gangster rap music video with the way it flaunted tattoos gold teeth and guns. However the feeling I felt was more of respect for the harsh unforgiving environment that those growing up in Compton Los Angeles had to deal with.

Martin Creed’s piece got me thinking about whether there are other places or things that we are not normally free to inspect. Are there other everyday activities movements which deserve more attention. I hope I can find and develop this idea further in my studio work and maybe find a different way to highlight the everyday physical struggles that so many go through.


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